Fake Saudi Prince confines, robs, assaults Dutch gold dealer

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By Eman Al Baik April 01, 2013 emirates247.com

A Saudi man allegedly claimed that he is from the country’s royal family to impress a Dutch gold jewellery dealer and together with two other Arabs confined, robbed and assaulted him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

 HIT, 33, Saudi businessman, AFO, 31, Jordanian mechanic engineer and AAW, 34, Yemeni truck driver are all accused of confining JWF in a prestigious hotel for a couple of hours and asked him to pay $10,000 in ransom for his freedom.

 The three are also accused of forcing him to pay Dh3,200 for the dinner which they had in the hotel with his credit card, stole Dh1,000 from his wallet and accompanied him to an ATM and forced him withdraw Dh1,300.

 HIT and AFO are accused of kidnapping the victim. One of them held him by his shirt while the other walked next to him and forced him into a car and drove to a flat in Sharjah where they assaulted him.

 HIT is accused of slashing the victim with a belt and beating him up with a wooden bar…

 “I have been coming to Dubai on tourist visa for about three years. I have experience in the gold and precious items trade. Last February 17, a broker whose name I do not remember called me asking me to attend a meeting in Crown Plaza Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road with a Saudi prince who will represent a UAE sheikh… >>MORE>(emirates247.com)

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