Have your own gold mine for $100

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Have your own gold mine for $100 at Indegogo

Gold Mining Tutor: Anyone with a pickup, a pump and a shovel can mine enough gold in a month to pay off their mortgage.

  •  We are the gold mining tutor team Paul, Warren and Larry aka(3 crazy miners)
  • We have discovered a wealth of gold in Utah and Nevada
  •  There are only three things standing in our way. We need your help to raise $15,000 and in exchange we are opening up our gold claims to the public

…$100 contribution you can have shared access on a 20 acre claim. There are an average of 1000oz of gold in each acre. The gold is recovered by skimming the ground a foot at a time with a bulldozer. Then locating the nuggets with a metal detector. This method is being used on the adjacent property where thousands of oz have already been recovered…
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