Australia: Mysterious young father hits the jackpot after finding two giant gold nuggets worth almost $200,000

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65 ounce nugget of Tarnagulla gold-photo: Bendingo Prospecting CLub

Nelson Groom: A young father has hit the jackpot after digging up two giant gold nuggets worth nearly $200,000.

The natural pieces of treasure were discovered on a private property in Tarnagulla, near Bendigo, north of Melbourne and have a combined weight of nearly 140 ounces.

Ray Swinnerton, Vice President of the Bendigo Prospecting Club, said he had met the lucky prospector, who wished to remain anonymous for security reasons, and not surprisingly was ‘overjoyed’.

‘He was thrilled when he found it, as you can imagine. He makes a living from this stuff, so a find like that is very exciting,’ Mr Swinnerton said.

‘He didn’t want to be named until he had sold them off. He’s fairly young and it’s obviously a fair bit of money we’re talking about…MORE (

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