Gold Tudor ring circa 1440-1600 AD found in Yorkshire, UK

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Lee Rossiter is a members of the Yorkshire Searchers and only been metal detecting for 18 months said he was amazed to find find such a lovely ring but almost threw it away because he thought it was costume jewelery.

Before discarding the object he decided to show it to some other members of the metal detecting group and the organiser Stuart Littlewood who gasped for breath and informed him he had probably found Tudor Gold.

After checking with the local ‘Finds Liason Officer’ from the Portable Antiquities Scheme based in Wakefield – it was indeed confirmed as a Tudor gold ring from approx 1440 – 1600 AD. The gold ring is now property of the Crown, but Lee gets to keep it for a short time whilst the ‘Treasure trove’ process is initiated.
It is thought the ring will eventually be acquired by a museum local to the find spot – which is being kept secret for the time being.  Yorkshire Searchers

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