Volunteers bring Montana gold mining ghost town to life

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Pictured here is one of the main buildings in Garnet, which has been mostly left untouched since the early 1900s. (garnetghosttown.net)

An old Montana gold mining outpost has gone from ghost town to boomtown.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is giving four history buffs the chance to live in Garnet, a preserved mining town on public land in Montana. But they’ll have to help maintain it and they won’t have the creature comforts of the current century.

“It’s primitive, to say the least,” U.S. Bureau of Land Management Ranger Nacoma Gainan told the the Missoulian. “It’s for people who love the outdoors and want to give back. There’s no electricity, no Wi-Fi and no running water. But there are trails to explore, artifacts to inspect. Volunteers are really left to their own devices after the visitors are gone.”…Read More (FoxNews.com)

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