Gold Kennedy coin a draw at Rosemont show

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Gold Kennedy coin a draw at Rosemont show Mitch Smith, Tribune August 5, 2014
Chicago-area coin buyers had dibs Tuesday on a new gold half dollar, with eager numismatists forming a three-block line in hopes of adding to their collections, organizers said.

The special half dollar, which depicts President John F. Kennedy and celebrates the coin’s 50th anniversary, was sold at the World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont. Though sales didn’t start until late Tuesday morning, event spokesman Donn Pearlman said collectors from California staked out the first spot in line at about 11 p.m. Monday…MORE (Chicago Tribune)

Tampa’s Odyssey Marine Exploration recovers booty worth millions from Atlantic shipwreck

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Associated Press July 17, 2014Odysseey Explorer strikes gold (Photo: DIscovery Channel)

CINCINNATI — Tampa’s Odyssey Marine Exploration has recovered thousands of gold and silver coins and more than 40 heavy gold bars easily worth millions of dollars, say unsealed court documents that provide the first detailed inventory of a treasure trove being resurrected from an 1857 shipwreck at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

…The inventories, unsealed by a federal judge in Virginia late Wednesday, show that Odyssey has brought up 43 solid gold bars, 1,300 $20 double eagle gold coins and thousands more gold and silver coins… MORE (

Hong Kong Thieves Replace $72 Million in Gold Bars with Worthless Metal

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The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that Hong Kong police are investigating a shipment of one ton of gold bullion, worth about $72 million, from Africa to a mainland China businessman after part of the consignment was swapped for metal bars.

On June 5th, Mr. Zhao Jingjun, age 43, opened part of his shipment in front of his buyer in Hong Kong and discovered the gold had been switched for worthless metal. A senior police officer said it would be the city’s biggest heist in a decade if it was confirmed that all the gold had been stolen…MORE (

The vodka laced with drinkable gold

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…From a Hong Kong vodka distiller there is now – almost literally – gold that you drink.

Two of Royal Dragon Vodka’s three varieties are laced with shavings of “highest quality edible 23-carat gold leaf” that lazily waft in the clear liquid and pour into the glass to become part of your drink.

Yes, you drink gold.

The tiny flakes are surprisingly unobtrusive to the drinking experience, almost seeming to melt on the tongue with a lightly sweet flavour, and no hint of metallic aftertaste…MORE (
Royal Dragon Vodka

Gold ATM Dispenses $1,300 Gold Bars In Midtown

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Scouting NY spotted the mini Fort Knox this week, located just outside Stack’s Bowers’s shop on West 57th Street. The machine allows you to use a credit card or cash [EDIT: Cash only!] to purchase one ounce gold bars for around $1,300, in addition to 10 gram bars for about $490 and 5 gram bars for $255, depending on market prices. You can also purchase gold and silver coins, along with commemorative Bronx Zoo silver coins and pieces, in case you want a memento from a tourist attraction located several miles north—all purchases come packaged in “an attractive gift box.”…MORE (

Italian Job: Ton of Gold Hidden in Car

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When one obviously panicked family looking to get out of harms way before contagion spreads and financial Armageddon takes hold attempted to cross into Switzerland, customs agents on the border found much more than they expected.

After questioning the family and inspecting their vehicle police reportedly found one ton of gold hidden in the floor boards.The nearly $50 million in gold was promptly seized by authorities.

But because taking one’s life savings is never enough for government goons whose job is to consider anyone with a pulse a criminal suspect or terrorist, the former owner of the gold is now being investigated by police for money laundering…MORE >>(

Bitcoin Hacked: Price Stumbles After Buying Frenzy

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Matt Clinch 4 Apr 2013 CNBC

Online currency bitcoin had 20 percent knocked off its price overnight on Thursday as one of its major exchanges became the victim of a hacking attack leading to a sell-off in the virtual currency after reaching an all-time high.

 Uncertainty over other currencies, turmoil in Cyprus and media interest are just some of the reasons commentators are citing for the 360 percent rise in bitcoin prices over the last month. The frenzied interest in bitcoins piled over onto the social media site Twitter and led to a spike in Google searches on the topic.

 (Read More: CNBC-What Is Bitcoin?)

 But by Thursday morning bitcoin prices had fallen to $132 from Wednesday’s record price of $147.

 The most popular bitcoin exchange, Tokyo-based Mt.Gox announced overnight that it had been the victim of a hacking attack after experiencing a severe lag with its systems. The complications meant the price quickly sank to below $115 before regaining ground to $130 by 6.00 a.m. London time on Thursday, according to…. >>MORE( Bitcoin Wikipedia photo:CASASCIUS

Fake Saudi Prince confines, robs, assaults Dutch gold dealer

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By Eman Al Baik April 01, 2013

A Saudi man allegedly claimed that he is from the country’s royal family to impress a Dutch gold jewellery dealer and together with two other Arabs confined, robbed and assaulted him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

 HIT, 33, Saudi businessman, AFO, 31, Jordanian mechanic engineer and AAW, 34, Yemeni truck driver are all accused of confining JWF in a prestigious hotel for a couple of hours and asked him to pay $10,000 in ransom for his freedom.

 The three are also accused of forcing him to pay Dh3,200 for the dinner which they had in the hotel with his credit card, stole Dh1,000 from his wallet and accompanied him to an ATM and forced him withdraw Dh1,300.

 HIT and AFO are accused of kidnapping the victim. One of them held him by his shirt while the other walked next to him and forced him into a car and drove to a flat in Sharjah where they assaulted him.

 HIT is accused of slashing the victim with a belt and beating him up with a wooden bar…

 “I have been coming to Dubai on tourist visa for about three years. I have experience in the gold and precious items trade. Last February 17, a broker whose name I do not remember called me asking me to attend a meeting in Crown Plaza Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road with a Saudi prince who will represent a UAE sheikh… >>MORE>(