The vodka laced with drinkable gold

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…From a Hong Kong vodka distiller there is now – almost literally – gold that you drink.

Two of Royal Dragon Vodka’s three varieties are laced with shavings of “highest quality edible 23-carat gold leaf” that lazily waft in the clear liquid and pour into the glass to become part of your drink.

Yes, you drink gold.

The tiny flakes are surprisingly unobtrusive to the drinking experience, almost seeming to melt on the tongue with a lightly sweet flavour, and no hint of metallic aftertaste…MORE (
Royal Dragon Vodka

Gold ATM Dispenses $1,300 Gold Bars In Midtown

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Scouting NY spotted the mini Fort Knox this week, located just outside Stack’s Bowers’s shop on West 57th Street. The machine allows you to use a credit card or cash [EDIT: Cash only!] to purchase one ounce gold bars for around $1,300, in addition to 10 gram bars for about $490 and 5 gram bars for $255, depending on market prices. You can also purchase gold and silver coins, along with commemorative Bronx Zoo silver coins and pieces, in case you want a memento from a tourist attraction located several miles north—all purchases come packaged in “an attractive gift box.”…MORE (

Harry Reid sells house and literal gold mine to move to Las Vegas

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Big News Network (UPI) 10th June, 2014
SEARCHLIGHT, Nev. — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is selling his Nevada estate and its mining claims to move closer to his family in Las Vegas.

Located in Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, the 110 acre property and its eight mining claims were sold to Nevada Milling and Mining for $1.7 million to build a gold-mining operation…MORE (BigNewsNet)

A Canadian Gold Mine Is On Sale For $2 Million In Bitcoin

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Jun. 12, 2014, Nicole Mordant, Reuters

Gold, the hard asset long seen as the ultimate hedge against risk, has fallen so much out of favor in recent years that the owner of a mine in Canada’s historic Yukon gold belt wants to sell the property for $2 million in bitcoin, a virtual currency…MORE (Business Insider)

Animal Planet Mines New Territory With ‘Ice Cold Gold’

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4/19/2013 by Kimberly Nordyke
The new series not only is part of an expanded programming strategy for the network but also marks the first TV production of its caliber to shoot in Greenland

Animal Planet continues to expand its programming with Ice Cold Gold, which follows eight miners hoping to strike it rich in an unexplored area of Greenland under harsh conditions.

The six-part series, which debuts at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday, is part of the network’s effort to add original series that showcase the second half of its name in addition to its stable of shows about animals.

  “It’s certainly more of a concentration on the ‘Planet’ part of our brand name,” says Melinda Toporoff, who executive produces Ice Cold Gold for Animal Planet, which has found success with such animals-aren’t-the-focus shows as Finding Bigfoot and Tanked and has Treehouse Masters coming up May 31. “You really see nature, in this case, as an unpredictable beast in and of itself. It’s obviously not a literal take on an animal, but they were dealing with the elements and how unpredictable they were.”  >>MORE (

‘Bering Sea Gold’ cameraman: Scott Meisterheim is an ‘angry drunk’

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By  John Liberty  Apr 18, 2013
KALAMAZOO, MI — The production crew of Discovery Channel’s “Bering Sea Gold” has released some behind-the-scenes footage from the second season of the reality show, which concluded in late March.

It posted a short clip showing a confrontation between a “Bering Sea Gold” cameraman and Scott Meisterheim, of Kalamazoo. Meisterheim is one of the most controversial characters on the show.

In two seasons, “Bering Sea Gold” often depicts Meisterheim as a villain, a guy viewers love to hate. The behind-the-scenes clip shows Meisterheim at a bar where he becomes annoyed with the cameraman and shoves him. He’s later seen punching a wall outside the bar… >MORE

Italian Job: Ton of Gold Hidden in Car

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When one obviously panicked family looking to get out of harms way before contagion spreads and financial Armageddon takes hold attempted to cross into Switzerland, customs agents on the border found much more than they expected.

After questioning the family and inspecting their vehicle police reportedly found one ton of gold hidden in the floor boards.The nearly $50 million in gold was promptly seized by authorities.

But because taking one’s life savings is never enough for government goons whose job is to consider anyone with a pulse a criminal suspect or terrorist, the former owner of the gold is now being investigated by police for money laundering…MORE >>(

Gold transforms from molten liquid to gleaming bar

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James Doran Apr 7, 2013

Watching a bar of gold form before your eyes from molten orange liquid bubbling in a mould to a shiny yellow brick on a dark slab of cold steel, one instantly understands why we prize the element above all others, and why those who could produce it were once considered magicians.

The metal passes through several states as it cools from an almost transparent semi-solid that is so appealing in colour and consistency that it looks almost edible, like caramel cooling into hard candy.

A flawless and brilliant golden surface emerges slowly from this sticky mass until the gold cools completely into the smooth, gleaming bar we covet. The astonishing transformation is so awe-inspiring you can almost hear it.

Monzer Medakka, the managing director of Kaloti Gold, watches this process perhaps hundreds of times a day. What is more, the gold refinery he runs in Sharjah is strewn with the stuff. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold bars, gold sheets formed in electrolysis baths, and bags of scrap gold brought in to be refined.

There is even a large plastic bin filled with gold sand – a remarkable substance that looks and feels like common or garden construction sand but is in fact made of pure gold… >>MORE(