‘Bering Sea Gold’ cameraman: Scott Meisterheim is an ‘angry drunk’

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By  John Liberty  Apr 18, 2013 jlibert1@mlive.com
KALAMAZOO, MI — The production crew of Discovery Channel’s “Bering Sea Gold” has released some behind-the-scenes footage from the second season of the reality show, which concluded in late March.

It posted a short clip showing a confrontation between a “Bering Sea Gold” cameraman and Scott Meisterheim, of Kalamazoo. Meisterheim is one of the most controversial characters on the show.

In two seasons, “Bering Sea Gold” often depicts Meisterheim as a villain, a guy viewers love to hate. The behind-the-scenes clip shows Meisterheim at a bar where he becomes annoyed with the cameraman and shoves him. He’s later seen punching a wall outside the bar… >MORE miliive.com