‘Bering Sea Gold’ cameraman: Scott Meisterheim is an ‘angry drunk’

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By  John Liberty  Apr 18, 2013 jlibert1@mlive.com
KALAMAZOO, MI — The production crew of Discovery Channel’s “Bering Sea Gold” has released some behind-the-scenes footage from the second season of the reality show, which concluded in late March.

It posted a short clip showing a confrontation between a “Bering Sea Gold” cameraman and Scott Meisterheim, of Kalamazoo. Meisterheim is one of the most controversial characters on the show.

In two seasons, “Bering Sea Gold” often depicts Meisterheim as a villain, a guy viewers love to hate. The behind-the-scenes clip shows Meisterheim at a bar where he becomes annoyed with the cameraman and shoves him. He’s later seen punching a wall outside the bar… >MORE miliive.com

‘Gold Rush’ 3: Exec producer Christo Doyle on feud w/ Todd Hoffman & live finale

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By Kate O’Hare 2/22/2013

Tonight (Friday, Feb. 22), Discovery’s hit reality series “Gold Rush” ends its third season with a live, two-hour finale coming from a set built in a warehouse in Portland, Ore. Series executive producer Christo Doyle took some time out from planning for the big finish to answer some questions about the men populating the gold-mining show — especially Todd Hoffman, leader of the show’s first mining crew — and his relationship with them.

On why there’s a live finale:

Doyle: “I opened my dumb mouth at the beginning of the season. I pitched that we do ‘Gold Rush’ live to kick off the season. But it would have been October in the Klondike, and it’s roughly negative 20 degrees there. It just didn’t make all that much sense. So I said, ‘You know what, we’ll just do it at the end of the season.’ And they held me to it.”

On what viewers can expect to see:

Doyle: “Normally in a season finale, we reveal the gold total for each crew, in the actual show. We are going to not be doing that. We are going to be revealing the gold totals live from Portland. The big one is, who hits the motherlode, and do the Hoffmans get the 1,000 ounces that Todd Hoffman told me he was going to get? >>>MORE(Zap2it.com)